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Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular (ring of fire) Solar Eclipse

We all have a rare opportunity to view a rare annular (ring of fire) solar eclipse here in Utah this Sunday.  It should be awesome to view but you need to be careful.  Viewing the eclipse without proper eye protection can literally burn a hole in your retina and cause permanent loss of central vision. Since you do not have pain receptors in your retina this can happen without you even being aware of it.  DO NOT RISK IT!!   Advanced Family Eyecare is happy to provide glasses with special filters that provide complete protection from the sun’s energy so the eclipse can be viewed safely by you and your children.  We have a good supply but they will be given out on a first come first serve basis so come on in today.  For more information on the eclipse including the best viewing times and locations follow the link below.

For other safe viewing options including how to make a pinhole projector click here.

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