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I recently read a book by Aldo Leopold a professor of ecology and pioneer of consevation, in the early 20th century.  The book was called A sand County Almanac and was a month by month account of the wonderful and beautiful things that marked each season of the year on his farm in Sand County, Wisconsin.  From the first tinkling of running water in the January thaw to the honking of the gesse returning to his marsh in April and the appearence of small flowers in June to the alder thickets turning crimson to announce the end of fall professor Leopold walks us through the amazing sights and sounds of the passing of a year that we can see if we are awake and aware enough to recognize them.  In one section of the book he expresses his saddness that a niehbor of his, also a professor, missed experiencing the beaties that surrounded him because he spent all his time inside his cabin. 

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