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Best Comfort Ever in Contacts?

Published in Eye Health

As an Optometrist I can not tell you how many times I have had a contact lens rep. come in and tell me that how incredible and awesome a new contact lens is, how it is going to change my patients world.  Well as with all such claims I have come to take these with a grain of salt.  Wonderful improvements have come to the contact lens world but usually in small improvements over time.  As a result the lenses of today are much healthier and more comfortable then they were years ago.  We may, however, have a game changer in Ciba's new Dailies Total 1 daily disposable contacts.  This contact is the result of ten years of research and developement and a totally new way of thinking about contacts and some thing called lubricity.  What the heck lubricity?

First lets have a quick history lesson on soft contacts.  Don't worry I will make this fast and painless.  Soft contacts first appeared in the early 70's with the developement of Hydrogel materials. Disposables contacts become available in the mid 80's greatly simplifying the care required and the comfort of contacts.  Through the 90's improvements were made to the Hydrogel materials increasing their water content( up to 60%) which improved both health and comfort.  Problems persisted due mainly to decreased oxygen getting to the corneal surface and protien depositing on the contact lens surfaces however.  In the late 90's a quantum leap in soft contact lens was achieved when a new type of material was developed, SiliconeHydrogel.  This material was 5-7 times more oxygen permiable making these lenses much more healthy then traditional Hydrogels.  They did not develope protien deposits as easily and were easier to handle as well so this truely was a wonderful improvement. SiloconeHydrogel had much lower water contents(30%) and as a result did not wet as well as Hydrogel materials so all day comfort was comprimised in some cases.  So while they were better there was still room for improvement.

Well the improvement may be here in Ciba's new Dailies Total 1 contacts lens incorporating what they are calling water gradient technology.  The concept is basically you take a SiloconeHydrogel core to get the oxygen transmission and handling benefits it offers but that cores water content increases from 30% in the center to almost 100% at the lens surface making an incredibly wettable and therefore comfortable lens.  When you handle the lens it just feels soft and slick.  This is lubricity.  It is basically how smooth and slick something is.  The surface being almost 100% water has resulted in an amazingly comfortable lens.  I do not wear contact lenses but I put some in today and am actually wearing them as I type this.  I have never been able to be comfortable in contacts but this one feels better then anything else I have tried.  The remarkable thing is that I do not feel it at all.  I think we may have a winner here.

You can not get these lenses just any where, in fact I think only 8 offices in the state currently have fitting sets and we are proud to be one of them.  If you have had trouble with contact lens comfort and dryness in the past its time to try again. Come on in and lets give it another try because the world of contact lenses may have just changed.


P.S.  Ended up wearing the lens total of 10 hours that day.  I forgot I had it in until I got home that night and was getting ready to go to bed.  Now I have taught thousands of people how to get lenses out of their eyes but had never actually taken one out of my own.  Heck of a time to learn.  Truely this is a great lens so if you have had problems in the past it may be worth a look.


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