Vision Correction Treatments

LASIK Surgery

The most common method for surgical vision correction today is LASIK. There are several technologies and levels of "quality" available. Smart patients get input from their primary eye care physician about their status as a candidate, and what to expect of the surgery. With today's new Wavefront technology and Intralase lasers, quality LASIK is an excellent option for those who are good candidates. Beware the discount LASIK providers–you only get one pair of eyes and there are no "do-overs."  Dr. Jones had LASIK surgery in 2010 and understands it from both the patient and doctor perspective and is uniquely qualified to help you prepare for your LASIK experience.  You can read about his experience on his blog on this site.

Lens Replacement

Another set of techniques that are beginning to become mainstream involve replacing the natural crystalline lens from inside your eye with a lens implant. Recently, a few "multifocal" implants have received FDA approval and promise to restore vision both distance and near. The technologies are new and evolving and show great promise for providing trouble free vision at all distances.

CRT, the non-surgical alternative to Lasik

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), or Ortho K as it is generally known is a corneal molding technology that works while you sleep. A "retainer", or specially designed gas permeable lens is worn at night that gently, and comfortably molds the shape of the front of your eye to improve your vision. In the morning, simply remove the retainer lens and see well all day. CRT doesn’t carry the risk of surgery and is completely reverseable.  Recent studies have also found that CRT also has the potential to slow the progression of myopia in children and teenagers.  It is a great option for people too young for LASIK. The cost of the initial treatment is roughly half of quality LASIK and the annual maintenance cost is close to what it costs for your current glasses or contacts. The treatment lasts as long as the retainers are worn on the schedule that is found to work best for you (usually 4-5 nights a week).

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